Target group

Target Group

Feed to Meat Exhibitor Target Groups
Industrial feed processing equipment, supplies, raw materials,
Feed ingredients, additives and water,
Animal breeding,
Animal health, hygiene,cleaning and sanitation systems,
Farm equipment,
Slaughter equipment,
Meat ingredients,
Poultry breeding and equipments,
Meat processing, packaging, handling refrigeration, egg processing, dairy,
Meat products,
Meat industry and equipments,
Climate control,
Veterinary instruments, medicines, budding and biological products,
Packaging distribution and logistic,
Farm buildings and equipments,
Trucks, commercial vehicles,
Poultry breeding unions,associations and cooperatives,
Diagnostic laboratories,
Genetics and registration,
Poultry compound,
Processing machinery,
Ventilation and air purification,
Knowledge transfer and consultancy,
Subjects covering parts or all of the above – mentioned items in the meat supply chain,
Bank and insurance companies.

Feed to Meat Visitor Target Groups
Feed mills,
Poultry farms,
Agricultural farms,
Meat slaughtering companies,
Meat (further) processing companies,
Feed ingredients and additives companies,
Farms/industry equipment suppliers,
Distribution / wholesale / retail / trade meat products,
Other distribution / trade agencies,
Research / consultancy,
Large-scale integrated companies,
National / local authorities,
Broiler farms,
Equipment suppliers,
Feed industry,
Food processing companies,
Goverment officials,
Layer farms,
Poultry plant managers,
Slaughter houses,
Turkey farms,
Markets, restaurants and hotels

When and where?
24 - 26 APRIL 2025
Istanbul Expo Center Hall 2-4-8
Visiting hours: 09:30 - 18:30