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VIV TURKEY, which is organized by HKF Trade Fairs, is a member of the VIV World Wide Exhibitions owned by VNU Exhibitions Europe in the Netherlands and was honoured on 10 – 13 June 2004 as the 22nd WPCA World Congress Exhibition and on 25 – 27 August 2005 as the 14th World’s Veterinary Poultry Congress Exhibition.

VIV TURKEY, the leading international trade fair of its kind in the region, is an UFI (The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry) approved event and is recognized throughout the sector as the sole International Poultry Trade Fair of Turkey.

"From Feed to Poultry Meat & Egg Safety Products"

VIV’s Feed to Meat concept covers the entire animal protein chain, from primary production to finished products. VIV TURKEY represents all parts of the meat production process.

VIV TURKEY aims to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology between Turkish Poultry sector professionals by creating an international network platform that will foster development for all parties.

VIV TURKEY is a not-to-be missed event for all industry leaders. We invite you to participate in VIV TURKEY.


* Poultry Breeding and Equipments
* Meat Industry and Equipments
* Meat Products
* Feed Production and Supplements, Feeders & Mixers
* Veterinary Instruments, Medicines,Budding and Biological Products
* Diagnostic Laboratories
* Genetics and Registration
* Packaging and Logistics
* Animal Health, Hygiene, Cleaning and Sanitation Systems
* Farm Buildings and Equipments
* Consultancy Services
* Trucks, Commercial Vehicles
* Poultry Breeding Unions, Associations and Cooperatives
* Banks and Insurance Companies

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